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The Law office of Thomas P. McNulty and Associates has helped thousands of immigrants over the past 30 years acheive their dream of Amerrican citizenship and permanent residency. If you are married, thinking of getting married, have a fiance(é) in another country or are looking to use the investor Visa route then we have a solution for you. Thomas P. McNulty and Associates have given indispensable advice to immigrant New Yorkers and helped them secure their future in the USA. Call today on 718-

Green Card Consultation (Married Couple)

We have helped many married couples obtain their green card and permanent residency this way.

Fiance(é) Visa (Bringing your fiance(é) to the US legally)

We are able to assist in this complicated process

-Thomas P.McNulty, ESQ.

Attorney At Law

Brooklyn Immigration Attorneys - Thomas P. Mcnulty and Associates can provide you with your key to a brighter future in the USA. YOUR FIRST IMMIGRATION CONSULTATION IS FREE.

Investor Visa

To help foreign nationals find out if they may be eligible to apply as immigrants, visitors or students to the US.

Fiance(é) Visa

To help foreign nationals find out if they may be eligible to apply as the future spouses of the US. citizens.

Green Card Through Marriage

To help foreign nationals find out if they may be eligible to apply for green cards through marriage to US.citizens.

Solicite una consulta de inmigración gratuita con Thomas P. McNulty Request A Free Immigration Consultation with Thomas P. McNulty


Our Brooklyn Immigration Attorneys can provide indispensable advice in your immigration case and guide you through the complicated process. Our first appointment is free and we will dicuss your case and advise you of the correct process accordingly. If you are a newlywed and your spouse is applying for permanent residence then we can guide you through the process and have helped many individuals attain permanent residence and eventual citizenship.

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Meet with attorney/Discuss Immigration Case

Tom McNulty will meet you, examine your case and advise you of the law and how we can assist you in your immigration case. We will then discuss your next steps.

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Documentation/Filling in of immgration forms

Once you have decided that we will handle your immigration case we assist you will filling in all requisite forms. You will gather all your documentation and you will submit your application.

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Receive your Alien Registration Number

Once your application is received by immigration you will receive your Alien Registration Number. This is a very important step in the immigration process. We will advise you by phone about the next steps.

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Wait for notification of immigration interview.

The immigration interview is a rigorous test whereby immigration officers will ask you questions in order to evaluate if you have entered into a marriage in good faith. This is something you have to prepare and many couples don't pass the test. We will assist you at every stage. If you marriage is legitimate then you have nothing to worry about.


Why Choose the Law Office of
Thomas P.Mcnulty and Associates?

Many a time we take on cases where clients have been given the wrong advice and this has left them in a difficult predicament. Often through no fault of their own they took the wrong advice of an attorney and received the wrong result. Thomas P. McNulty has 30 years experience with immigration matters. If we have a difficult case we will seek advice from partners or experienced immigration attorneys in our field. If you are an immigrant to this country and are unsure what is you rnext step then we can give you the requisite advice and guide you through this difficult maze.

Foundation was established with a small idea that was incepted in the minds of its promoters in the year 1994! We skillfully guide the applicants through their immigration process to the UNITED STATES.

  • We can assist with criminal immigration matters

    If you are in trouble and your are an immigrant we can help. You have inalienbale rights.

  • We can assist with family petitions for family members

    We can assist with petioning family members to come to the USA.

    We can assist with E1-E5 treaty trader investement visas.

    This difficult to obtain visa allows investors and traders and their employees to carry on substantial trade between the United States and the treaty country while receiving a visa to the USA. ,


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