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Detention and Bond

An Immigration Bond refers to money paid to the government in order to secure a detained foreign national's release from a detention facility, and serves as a guarantee to the government that once out of detention, the bonded individual will attend all Immigration Court hearings.  These bonds are typically required for green card holders or undocumented individuals who are being held by the US Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pending the outcome of their cases. 

The payer will be able to receive the bond money back at the conclusion of the case. However, if the individual neglects to attend his required court hearings, he is subject to immediate deportation, and the payer will forfeit the bond money.  In the event that the individual attends all court hearings, but is nevertheless ordered to be deported, the bond money will be forfeited if the individual does not report to the Department of Homeland Security for removal.

Documentary evidence must be submitted to ICE and the Immigration court judge to show that the detained individual is not a threat to society and does not pose a flight risk.  At the Bond hearing, the judge will consider this evidence, along with evidence that the detainee is financially stable, has strong family and community ties in the US., has resided in this country for many years, lacks a history of immigration violations, has not engaged in criminal activities and has previously attended court.

Once the court determines that the individual is eligible for an immigration bond and the bond amount has been posted, the individual or a family member can put up the bond and he can be released the same day.